Mass Air Sensor Box MAF

I may need to replace mine… I usually grab a lot of my parts on 3SX but there are none in stock. Ninjaperformance has one that runs $180 USD… I would like to just get a used one if anyone has one for sale. Not very many 3s around here, I probably wouldn’t find one in my local junk yards. Looking for the DOCH version.

I fixed my OEM MAF! Woohoo! Won’t be needing a replacement anymore :+1:

Hi Tylo, What was wrong with it and how did you fix it ?

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Good question lol When I was trying to remove the air box from the MAF, the plastic walls that hold the four weird bolts broke… so when I would twist the bolt to take it off, It would just spin in place and not come off… I ended up bending some of the metal grate which the air flows through. Unfortunately my air box got a little mangled and I’m sad to say I just ended up throwing an aftermarket air filter on since I messed up my box. Some of the plastics on these cars are soo brittle that it makes working on certain parts very challenging. At least I’m learning a lot though. Whats wrong with yours??

I’m in the middle of troubleshooting why i have no acceleration power while at cruising speed,
Just looking at items associated with power. I have a crack in the exhaust manifold that i also need to contend with. Hoping that might be one of the issues, maybe also the lambda sensors.
Its a process of elimination …

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I swear its one step forward, two steps back a lot with these cars! But they are just too wonderful to not continue to not keep going. I really hope you are able to fix your power problem.

Yeah I agree, But I will get to the bottom of it and it will be worth the hard work. Just need to make the time now.

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