Manual Gearbox/transmission repair

At long last, it’s finally time to rebuild my gear box, i only have 3 and 4 gear to use. my destination was close, so i drove it to my shop. Hopefully i didn’t do too much damage to my new clutch. I’ve never rebuilt a transmission, hopefuy it’s not to painful. Can you Mahe a video on it? Or perhaps you can guide me through the repair and I’ll video record it for you and you voice over it?

Hi Walter
This is a video that I would like to do but I think it is a way off yet and definitely not for the squeamish. The gearbox is quite complex and you would need to know at least the basics before attempting repair as you would need to know what you are looking for. There is no way I could cover all of the possible faults and how to diagnose them in a simple diy video. I have seen a couple of written guides online but to be honest, I didn’t think that they would help the average diyer that much. Good luck with the rebuild and keep us posted. Don’t forget to check that the parts are still available before going to the trouble of a strip down.

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Thanks Joe. I’m going to start with checking the fluid level, in case it leaked, i did smell the great oil when i parked it. Never I’ll check the linkage. Hopefully that’s the issue. If i don’t have to drop the box, I’d rather not. Took me nearly all day to get it back up after changing the clutch.