Lower window weather strips


I know these things are rare but if anyone is selling the rubber weather strips that are on the outside, lower ones. For both left and right doors. Please let me know :slight_smile:

If you find a set, then dont hesitate to buy it as they are getting more and more scarce… I am also trying to get a second pair just to keep around incase something happens to my current ones.

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I know, they’re like hens teeth! I wish there was a way to manufacture them, or repair them when they tear.

It is the rubber coating on them that is so hard to get looking smooth again with any repair

I think joe said he might do a video on refurbishment

I was thinking of using plastidip on them but I’m afraid of the results. I’ve used silicon as a temporary fix.

Why not, give it a try with some glossyfier on top, You can always take it off if You’re not happy. I’ve used plastidip before on other things with decent result !

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There is some Chinese copy’s that are getting some reasonable feedback so I have ordered some to give them a try. Refurbishing is possible but a lot of work so if the copy’s are reasonable, I would rather go down this route. I will keep you posted on any progress.


Awesome please let me know how they look. I would order a few pairs for myself if they are good.

My contact in Asia has now received some sets of the Chinese made weather strips. She thinks that the quality is not very good. She also said that the feel and finish to the product is not very good.
I had a similar report from a contact in Australia.
However, other people have given less harsh reviews. I believe that Jensen has tried them and thought that they were OK.
Now we are faced with a problem. Is it better to have a low quality part that looks better than a damaged one or are you willing to spend money on a better quality product?
I will have some sent to me with my next order and do a video so you can can make up your own mind.


My take on it is that I would choose a lower quality part that looks better over a damaged part as long as persons would not notice it… If 99% of the people wont see a difference, then that would be good enough for me as a damaged part if horribad to look at

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Not cheap either and some people are desperate, not an easy call !

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I ordered replacements from 3sx.com. They’re located in North Carolina in the States.

Hi sir ! Could you please tell us from where we can order a chines one ,atleast one on drivers door ,mine is pretty bad …thanks from east europe :slight_smile:

Hello Jivko
You can contact the seller by Facebook messenger. His name is Cheng Shu.
I should warn you that although the pictures look good, the product is very poor quality for the price. I will not be buying them myself unless the price is much lower. If you decide to buy them, please could you let the forum know what you think of them.

Thank you Joe for the fast answer! i if decide to order ,will keep you in touch abouth the quality ,thanks

Hi guys, I too need to replace both weather strips, Are Mitsubishi out of stock ?

This is now Obsolete part !

I feared as much, damn !

Mine is so bad that anything would be better. The drivers side is now in two parts :worried: