Loooking for 2G (MK2) TT rear brakes

I am in search of a rear brake caliper from a 2G (MK2) TT. I currently have a right rear that has Mitsubishi on it and a left rear that is blank, from a Stealth TT. I don’t care which one I match up, but I’d like to have a matching set. If you have a left rear with Mitsubishi on it, or a right rear blank one I will consider either. I’d like pictures of course. This doesn’t have to be perfect, as they will be painted, but I don’t want something that has been modified or has gouges out of it.

Let me know what you got, if you got it. If you have a matching pair you don’t want to split up I’d consider buying the pair as well.

why not just grind the letters off

It’s an option I already considered. I just hate thought of “destroying” a “Mitsubishi” lettered caliper. Also there are still differences even with the letters ground off. There are “ears” that would be left that actually give the text enough room.

worse thing anyone can do to a Mitsubishi logo, rattle can or brush on paint including power coating dont last long on brake calipers and start to chip away due to excessive heat and vibration, so either the housing gets polished or ceramic coated with an option of colors.

If powder coating chips its from poor preparation. That stuff is almost indestructible. I baked a powder coated piece of metal in 1300* F oven twice and still had issues with getting all the old powder coating off.

I won’t be rattle canning or brushing, I will be spraying from a gun when I paint them, but this is off topic and has nothing to do with getting me matching calipers.

Regardless what preparations are taken and regardless of what temperatures are used for the curing process, it will eventually chip if used on soft metals that are exposed to excessive heat,soft metals such as cast aluminium and then the product itself has limited heat resistant properties that is why only the smart ones would actually use ceramics… I have been doing powder coating the day it was first invented, but yes that is a different topic that is not going to help you find what you are looking for, good luck!!