Looking for first generation VR4 gearbox

Hello folks
Is there anybody out there that has a good functioning VR4 gearbox for my 1991 GTO??

Preferebly in europe, as shipping might become a little complicated the further away they can be sourced

Turbo or non-turbo? If you cant obtain an early '91 18 spline gearbox you could upgrade to the improved 92+ 25 spline unit as long as you also replace or upgrade your transfer case too. The later 5 speed unit has improved oiling flow and better output shaft strength.

It is a 1991 turbo… I would very much like to avoid changing too much on the car so a 1991 turbo gearbox is preferred unless the other option is a straight bolt on… Not very interested in doing any changes to make it fit :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be a straight bolt on replacement if you find a later 5 speed and transfer box. What’s up with your gearbox?

The synchro is not good in 1 and 2 gear and it is starting to make strange noises

I would replace the syncros. It’s a bit of work, but manual transmissions are fairly easy to rebuild.

I am not feeling personally near capable to start that myself, and the few garages we have here are well… They are plain shit to put it mildly… That is the major obstacle of living in the middle of nowhere basically

A few tools and watching a few videos, you’ll discover how simple a manual gearbox really is to work on. Taking pictures as you go also helps.

There are also some online services that source and ship gearboxes to you for a small fee. I’ve used one for a 93 3000gt sl a few years back. They even provide a limited warranty.

Any suggestions on where to get new syncros from? Dealer says they are obsolete but they will sell a rebuilt for $5500.

Rvenegeperformance.com has synchros and many other parts.

Ooooo, and they’re only like 5 hours away from me! Thanks!

Chris is a good dude. He’s been around the platform for nearly 20 years, maybe more at this point.

Does he sell base model transmission parts? I only see vr4 parts on the site.

I don’t think he does, but the good news is the non turbo transmissions are the same internals as DSM transmissions, just with a V6 bellhousing. I literally have a 5th gear set out of a first gen AWD DSM in my FWD 3000GT.

There are lots of places that sell parts for the FWD (non turbo) variants.

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