Looking for clockspring for my 1992/3 GTO auto

The locator says thats why srs light is on and horn does not work. Mot due 23rd June.

What is it and where does it go ? Pic perhaps ?

Under the airbag on steering wheel

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I would say a breakers is probably the only place you would get one of those, I assume Mitsubishi no longer provide them. Or maybe someone on here is stripping a car.

As usual loads in States, but you are right and hopefully Wayne at Japattack up in Scunthorpe will help with his breakers. Will know this weekend but any other links to people breaking will be helpful.

I have some if japattack draws a blank. Iā€™m sure they will have one though.

He had broken one and another car to strip so will get back to you saturday/sunday.

Clockspring complete with harness on its way from sunny scunny and Japattack. WILL BE REALLY PISSED IF IT FAILS mot on something else on 234th.
May well sell the Blue one as dont use the speed for TT and the auto sounds and looks better for an old man lol

Clockspring cured no horn and SRS light and car passed MOT now

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