Looking for 91 V-belt harmonic Balancer

Hi Joe from Canada :canada:!

I’m in a pickle, I need a 91 harmonic Balancer for a 91 GTO TT DOHC! This is the one with the V-belt for the power steering pump! Hope you can help me?

I asked everyone on the forum if they know of any source for these and the answer was no, unless you want to do expensive modifications.
These are now in production again and we should see the first batch off the production line in about 8-10 weeks if you can wait that long.

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Thanks Joe, saw a light weight one on the for sale forum and hoping the guy still has it!

The light weight ones are available from a number of suppliers but they are twice the price and I can’t imagine that the 2kg weight difference will make that much difference but I’m sure that others will disagree. Maybe others would like to comment on the subject.

That one is the all aluminium pulley. Some people say these are really good and ideal as part of engine upgrades for more power. Personally I’m not so convinced- the standard pulley has the rubber section for a reason- it absorbs a lot of vibration and stops it transferring to the crank etc… of course for the V-belt type aluminium is currently the only type available so I guess this is why people have them.

Right and my pickle is car is sitting in my garage because the alternator belt slipped off due to the failing H/B! Besides winter storage this is the longest I’ve gone without driving my girl! At this point I’ll take what I can get just to get her back in the road! Well except 92+ H/B’s as they are both serpentine driven belts and of course my 91 is V-belt and serpentine! Well I guess I got 8 weeks to find something and then if not I’ll be the first to buy your reproduction ones, lol!

I would help you out with a used one but due to high shipping cost and shipping time to Canada, I think that this will be a false economy.
I will have a word with the guys in production to see if we can get this moved up the list of parts waiting for production. I have been told already that part of the delay is because the initial mould is not made in house and so we are relying on a 3rd party for speed.
I will update you as soon as I have something to tell you.

I understand the rate for shipping but if part looks good hit me with a full price with shipping !

I have to sort out one for a guy in Germany first. I have some good ones but so far I have only come across a couple with small chips out of the edge.

Thanks Joe, like always, you are a great person! Hope to hear from you soon!

As you live in Canada, you can easily order it from rockauto, shippingcosts are low, partnumber MD177199, I ordered one 2 years ago for my 92VR4, perfect!

Hi, I believe your 92 was the first year they changed out the V-belt over to serpentine! The double serpentine pulley is available all over but the 91 V-belt/serpentine is discontinued and very hard to find a new one if not impossible! I’ll look at Rock Auto just to make sure but I’m thinking they no longer have in stock anymore! Thanks for the info!

Mine is Md166815 the one you gave me is the double serpentine pulley!

Ow sorry, I read it wrong, so the MD166815 isn’t available for the moment, yes, that’s true…