Joys of mot in the UK

So in it went the Red auto after the Starter/tranny plate debacle.
Gary my mechanic phoned mid morning and said, " I think the tester is a closet would be author, the form looks like a story book".
Having spluttered the coffee and checked my heart rate I walked across to the garage fearing the worst. However …
Two rust holes rear of inner seals
Corrosion front brake pipes
Corrosion bottom rear struts
Silencer gas escape
Couple front end boots
and stuff we knew
No horn and SRS light on
2 rear tyres
Screen Washers motor
rear fog light bulb blew
Gary doesn’t do welding to took it out to AJ at paint shop whose helper desperately wants to buy it and he said bring it out tomorrow and we will do all welding/corrosion and fix silencer and get back to Gary monday to sort the electrics and tyres.
I cannot believe how lucky I am to have these guys, I genuinely thought it was a scrapper after first call.
Hopefully back next week.


Welding all done . Two holes, either side of rear on inner seal and found another dubious bit at front of offside inner, so did that. All visible pipes cleaned up and two front ABS to flexy brake pipes to be replaced. Engine bay and rear steering pipes all sound and now cleaned. All sorted by AJ at paint and repair shop.
Back to gary at garage now for 2 pipes to be made up and boots, horn, srs (clockspring) horn and tyres and hole in flexi on silencer.
Maybe next week lol. Happy to leave it as “sorting between the other work” suits me, for end price which is always so fair.


MOT’d Thanks to Gary at Shearmus (Bloody nightmare these cars) and Wayne at JapAttack for some bits.Autobox was a bit sticky ,probably where its been out 3 times and stood for nearly a year sorting tranny plate etc. But now the red beasty roars and goes as she did when I bought her in 2017 and the paintwork shines thanks to the dopey van driver who hit me over in Wales. 198,000km and sweet as a nut (Hydrogen cleaned engine 2019). Reconned gearbox back in 2017.
Now Blue TT to finish or sell not sure yet bodywork and finish respray booked in 4th September around it’s MOT time. We shall see ,it drive well at present but has the niggly little GTO probs that affect nothing.