Joe is the best!

Lets just have a special section to announce how great he has been, showing us 3000gt car guys and community how to save not only money but headaches! Big fan here from Connecticut USA, and I think I speak for everyone when we want to just say, THANK YOU AND YOU ARE APPRECIATED

-MARK from CT, USA


Hi Mark
Thank you for joining the forum and a really big thank you for the comment. It is rare for people to voice their opinion in such a nice way. Most people just go onto the net for free advice and don’t appreciate the time, effort and money that goes into this type of video. This is what makes it all worth while. As a member of my forum and by way of thanks for your support, please watch out for my special offers on 3000gt parts in the Joes gems section and for upcoming free competitions. New offers are added on a regular basis.
Best regards


Agree, Joe has been doing a Great Job spending all this time to show GTO/3000GT owners how to tackle these jobs the right way !


Don’t forget all the other hard to get bits and pieces Joe
manages to track down and offers to our community



I agree, thank you very much Joe, here in France, I only know one person on facebook with a 3000gt, I feel a bit lonely sometime. Your videos are always a pleasure to watch, and they do more than just teach me new things, they give me motivation to work on my car, which works well but it has many small defaults, which thanks to your videos, will be I hope corrected.

Thank you for all of this!

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I am so pleased that people are enjoying the videos. I am hoping that this forum will bring more of us together in the future. I travel the world quite a bit and maybe I will visit you the next time I am in France. I know for sure that there are other owners in France because I often sell parts there. I will try to get them onto the forum so that you can make contact.


totally agree with you guys, Joe I appreciate what you are doing for us GTO/GT3000 owners, keep up the good work :+1:

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It would be great :wink:

Joe, thank you SO MUCH for the great videos on removing and restoring the dash and vents. I have been so sick of looking at those broken vents for years, and new vents sitting on the shelf, but afraid to remove the dashboard. Your videos were fantastic, carefully showing every step for a novice like me. The methods to then fix the vent holes were great too! Keep up the great work, it’s much appreciated!


Thank you for the feedback. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

10 out of 10 for Joe doing the UT Vids and the new site!

It was either a mid life crises or watching too many episodes of wheeler dealers but I thought its something I’ve always wanted to do is restore a car and the GTO has always been a favourite. Only last month I bought a rust bucket in Scotland and imported her into Ireland. There is so much work to do I thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew until I found Joe’s channel. He’s given me the confidence to take each task, break it down and repair or replace step by step.
Forever grateful Joe


Agree with the sentiments. Joe, your channel is a game changer and the biggest thing for the 3S community since the stealth316 page, but now in video form for the modern era!


I just signed on the forum, have a 95 3000GT base, and I wanted to say thank you Joe. I was on the fence about sticking with my GT but you’ve given me inspiration and guidance to keep on maintaining and treating it right. Thank you for everything.

  • Izzy

Hi Izzy
Welcome to the forum and for the feedback. It is always nice to hear that my hard work has helped someone out and inspired them to look after their car.
Best Regards

Hear! Hear! Cheers to Joe!

Joe, I am so excited to have found your channel. As your video list grows I eagerly await learning more from you and your techniques. I know many in the groups of which I am a part share my thoughts about your channel.
I am gaining more confidence with the DIY instructions. Thank you again

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Thanks Mike
I really appreciate the feedback. It makes the effort worthwhile.

Agreed Joe Rocks. Has made my life so much easier

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Hi Joe,
My name is Amanda and I’m from the United States. My first car was a 1994 3000GT. My dad bought it on Ebay, and drove 2 states over to get it for me. It had 100k miles on it and a cracked windshield, but i loved it. Anyways, I’m grown now and out on my own, but my first car has been sitting in my dad’s garage for coming up on 15 years now because he can’t part with it. A few years ago he finally starting restoring it and recently started watching your videos. He had me sit down and watch one with him the other day. He is so grateful for all that he has learned from you and he thinks what you are doing is great - so keep going! Thank you for all your hard work!