JAE 12th - 15th August

Just wanted to remind you all that the JAE car show is on next month in the UK.
I know that some of you are members of other clubs and forums and that you are going to this meet for Japanese cars.
If you are not travelling with another club, I thought you might like to get together for this weekend meet.
I think it will be a big year this year as most of us are sick of being locked up and want the chance to meet with others who share our passion for these cars.
If there are enough interested people, I will arrange a club area so we can park together.
Let me know what you think. Details of the JAE can be found online but don’t book on your own as I may be able to get discount tickets if there is enough of us.

Hi I am going to this with gtouk at my first meet, cant wait they have amazing things planned and was so cheap they even feeding us, didn’t think you guys were going?..
We not taking the car as we bought a project off some guy in Leeds real cheap a few months ago, will post picks soon.

Lucy x :heart:

Hi Lucy
Nice to here from you. The gtouk club has a lot of great people who are very friendly and the food is great. I do not feel it would be right for me to go with the gtouk club as there is a conflict of interest which some members are not happy about but I hope you will come and say hello.
I am thinking of having a bit of a stand and doing some live filming but we will have to see how things go.


Yes they seem lovely, you have to be a member to go but they have been amazing with helping me so far, you can search back so far so i paid my £20 and signed up, well worth it.

Yes will pop along and say hi, let us know where you are on here :+1: cant wait to meet others hopefully some are going from here with gtouk?

There are a number of gtouk members on here and I know that they are going.

I would be on it it’s in Norwich isn’t it ???

Norwich it is. So you are going?

Id like to not booked yet will defo do a group booking with you guys ???

What is everyone’s thoughts on this I have family round the corner so I am very much on going let me know if you are getting a group booking etc otherwise I will look to purchase tickets soon only a few weeks away cheers

I have contacted a number of forum members by phone and it looks like a lot of them are going with clubs. I will contact the organisers this week to see if we can get any discounts and let you know.

Cheers look forward to it

Hi I live in norwich where about sis it being held, sadly don’t think my car will be finished in time but I can still go😊

Norfolk showground.
It would be great to have you with us. It is a four day event so a great chance to look at cars and talk crap.
Let me know when you know, I need 2 more people and then I will get us a club area.

Come on guys !!! We have been waiting a year at least lol

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I’d love to go but my car isn’t road legal yet and I live on the other side of country (South West) :frowning:

Hey you should get to London jump in with me. but we still need more cars I’m guessing, any way 400 miles divided by 280 bhp equals funtime franky

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What a disappointing show from the UK Guys. After 18 months of imprisonment, I thought you would all be up for this event.
The GTOUK club has a fair number going but what about all of those that are not with a club?
This is a 4 day event for just £45.

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Sorry to hear you guys wont be there, such a shame was looking forward to popping over to watch a live demo as mentioned Joe, i am sure it would have been interesting, especially as the club i am going with will be in large attendance this year.

Lucy x

Which club are you with Lucy?
Which days are you going?

Fri sat & sun its on 3 days isnt it?