Issue with missing parts

So after simply changing my Idle Control Valve today, just glanced over at the bulkhead and ive got the impression things arent quite how theyre meant to be for a 1991 GTO stock vehicle so i need help.

Excuse the aftermarket red hoses (i need originals) but i noticed that i perhaps im missing a solenoid? And i have some sort of valve that is just hanging there.

Any advice would be welcomed to make sure that any missing parts are replaced and any boost or vaccuum systems are working as they should.


Hi Paddy! Welcome to the norm when buying a used car like ours :slight_smile:. I’m not too sure about the differences between the vacuum system of the GTO vs the 3000GT VR4, but there are 4 emissions solenoids for the 3000GT. Not sure if someone started doing the vacuum line reduction or if they just removed the solenoids as they started failing. My car has 3 solenoids that have been failing and it still runs, but not reliably. It will not start when hot because the purge valve doesnt function properly and boost is sluggish.

I want to keep it stock, so I’m not interested in doing the reduction. These solenoids are now difficult to find new and used in working condition. I’ve bought several used and they’ve never passed a test with my multimeter. I actually just bought the last new EGR solenoid (according to Mitsu dealerships) in the USA last week. I’m importing the rest I needed from Japan. Here’s a picture of the setup with labels:

The part numbers are different depending on generation, year and submodel. But these are the model numbers for my 1993 3000GT VR4:
Md113721 Fuel Pressure (FPS)
Md126812 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Md145201 Waste Gate (WG/BCS)
Mr312625 Evap Purge (EVAP)

Heres a link to some info on the vacuum line reduction I mentioned:

I had to do a lot of digging online and in the manuals to find exactly what I needed. Hope this info is a little helpful to you!


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