Is it time to plan a meet?

Hi All
I was wondering how many people in the UK would be interested in meeting up if forced confinement ever ends.
We have a number of car shows in the UK which would be ideal and some of them are now saying that there are plans to go ahead.
I know that some of you are members of clubs that are also planning meets so maybe we could all meet up to make it a big gathering of these special cars on their 30th anniversary.
Please show your interest and give any ideas you have. JAE and santapod raceway Japshow look ideal to me.
What do you think?


Road trip to Ireland for the 30th, we’re great over here​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. On a serious note doing something to mark the anniversary with all the different clubs would be a great idea. Maybe Mitsubishi might get on board.

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Yeah definitely, big convoy if GTO’s!

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Ireland sounds great Enda but I have no idea if travel restrictions will be lifted this century. They are talking about vaccines, tests, covid passports and quarantine before and after travel. They can shove all that where the sun doesn’t shine.
I don’t think we will be able to satisfy everybody but I think that if we could try to keep it as central as possible and a main event, I think we stand some chance of satisfying the majority.
I am happy to do the arranging for those of you that are not with clubs but I want to be sure that we can include as many people as possible.

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Half Joking whole in earnest Joe. :wink:

Will definitely be up for it if my gto ever get of the ramp haha, will be following the post to watch for updates :grinning:

I’d be up for it too. I’m 99% sure my 3000GT won’t be ready by then, so I’d be rocking up in a diesel estate :joy:, but it would be nice to see some great examples of our cars and meet some folk from the community :+1:

Sounds great count me in good to meet some of you :+1:

The saying: so close yet so far; runs to my mind being just a few hours north of you folks and yet so crazy far away… Wish I sometime could have the chance to join up… Who knows :partying_face:

Is it expensive to fly? We could pick you up from the airport and you could spend the weekend at a car meet.

Im not sure, but I think it is almost as cheap to sail if you can get a spot on the roro transport ships that stop weekly in Scotland on their way to Holland… Think I am going to ask around if that would be a possibility

I’ll definitely be up for it sure Steve will bring the stealth too

I just checked the latest information on the japshow at santa pod raceway.
They are presently showing the event going ahead on 6th of June.
This is just for your reference at this point. We can all vote for the final venue a little nearer the time.

The Japanese auto extravaganza is showing as going ahead on 12th-15th August.
Again, this is for your reference only. Please add any other events that you think we should consider.

Japfest is at silverstone later on in the year

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That sounds great, Joe.
I’ve never been to a car meet before.

Will definitely be interested in a meet any dates fine got no plans this year funny enough lol