Interior Fuse Box/Junction block

Hi Joe. Could you make a video, how to replace interior fuse box? I looked down there and only saw one bolt (right side)…the thing kinda goes up in there, so Id like to know what other bolts I have to get too to pull it out…I know theres a bunch of harnesses I gotta pull.

There is only the one bolt. The top of the unit just slides onto a flat plate. The box is a real pig to get out and I would only consider removal if you have no other option. Most of the struggle is because of the very limited space and the huge amount of plugs and wires.
Re-fitting is twice as hard as removal.
This is not a video that is on the short list because it is such a complicated one to film in such a confined space and I don’t think many people would want to tackle it.

Joe, thank you for the information! I will try to replace it because fuse №12 (ignition) is falling out of the damaged plug. The car stalls. I’ll try to film the replacement steps and share it here. The new junction block should come in about a month.

Which country are you in George?

I’m from Russia. And there is my Stealth that I am trying to restore :slightly_smiling_face:
Some parts fit from Mitsubishi GTO, so I order them from Japan. Other parts shipping from USA (buying on Ebay). Estimated delivery from the USA about a month, from Japan a little faster.
Any car is a small piece of history that needs to be preserved for future generations. They will know that such cars existed. They will be able to see them, touch them, drive them.

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I hear that these cars are very rare in Russia.

Yes, that’s right. Huge customs duties on the import used cars have been in effect for a long time.
In this regard these cars were almost no longer imported since the end of the 90s.
Those 3S / GTOs that have survived to this day are mostly modernized or in terrible condition.
There are very few stock cars left, so it is especially important for me to preserve it.
I need to remove the non-stock audio and restore the stock wiring harness. Then I will refresh the other parts (weatherstrips, suspension, gaskets etc).
I already bought stock wheels and 2 stock tires. Now looking for 2 more stock tires (Good Year Eagle GT + 4 225/55 / r16).