Interior door trim cushion insert replacement

Hello all my name is Lee, I have a 1998 GTO SR.

Has anyone removed/replaced the cushion part of the door trim ever? I have managed to finally get some leather inserts to swap for my cloth ones.

they look pretty stuck on, just wondering if they have clips or will i need to pull them off and glue them back on etc?


Do you have the insert that bulges out from the door with vinyl/leather or the flat one that matches the cloth seats?

If it’s the bulge one it is held in by clips on the backside and you need to remove the door panel to remove the whole assembly.

If it’s the flat cloth one it should just be glued on .

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thanks for the reply. I have the huge bulge cloth ones in at the moment. I just received the leather ones today and they have clips on the back. so hopefully it will be a simple swap just using the clips. thanks

Yeah, it should just be the clips then. Just got to take the door panel off.

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Could you post a pic when complete, would like to see the upgrades to leather please ?

Just finished putting them on. Full leather interior now (front seats, back seats and now the door cards)

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this is what it looked like before I swapped

the door cards

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Originally the car had full cloth interior. but I managed to get the leather seats earlier on this year. and finally found some door inserts the other day.

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Beautiful job mate, I love the flat bottom steering wheel too. Cockpit looks class, :+1:

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thanks mate - its just one more thing ticked of the list i need to do ha

“… managed to get…”
Did you have them re-upholstered, or did you purchase something separate?
Not meaning to be too nosy, but if they’re re-upholstered, how much did it cost?

I ask because my '92 is also in the “executive cloth fabric” and I do favor the leather.

I got them all separately over a period of time. I purchased the rear leather seats from eBay a few years ago in mint condition (£50). I then purchased the 2 front leather seats from ebay earlier this year at a decent price and in really good condition (£350). And i finally got the leather door inserts from ebay a few days ago for £60. Its taken a while but definitely worth it.

Having a 92 you have the flat panel. You’ll have to locate the flat leather panels. The cloth is glued to the door itself. Once you peel it off you’ll see the slots where a flat panel will be able to lock in.

I took the panel with a perforated tan leather and recovered it with flat black leather.