Injector seals wanted for 1990 twin turbo

hi, can anyone point me in the right direction for an injector seal kit for a mk1 1990 twin turbo?

Go search for it on :slightly_smiling_face:

Got mine from mitsubishi

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They are available from mitsubishi.

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Hi, tried that site but out of stock.

Thanks guys ordered from mitsubishi

I must say, you guys have a whole hell of alot better Mitsubishi dealers then I have… I got told that they cannot source anything for my car as it has exceeded 30 years and parts cannot be sourced anymore… I call an absolute BS on it, but there is nothing I can do about that if they dont want to sell or work for customers

dealer by me just says “your car is old” yet the cherry hill mitsubishi dealership about an hour from me still carries parts for my car.

Just done mine great kit on EBay good luck