Identify components in Engine Bay

Hi Joe,
As your videos are for the man at home, Some take for granted that everyone knows all about their cars and engines and generally what to look for if they have a problem. But there is probably a few of us who, like all your subscribers love these cars, But unfortunately do not have the same knowledge or background in mechanics and find it difficult to diagnose items that we know nothing about or what their function is under the hood especially the electronics.

I personally had to google what people kept referring to as DOHC, yeah I know !! Sounds stupid, but I just didn’t know. But people take for granted that we all know the lingo. So I would like to request putting a video “on your long list” on the engine bay, All of the components attached to the engine and what their function is, This would also give those of us a direction when we’re investigating problems.
Thanks a mill


Hi Peter
I agree with everything you said. I have been trying to avoid treating people as though they are stupid when I know they are not. You will often hear me say that a job is simple but only if you know how to do it. We all have to learn from the beginning and work our way up. I don’t know everything and I am still learning myself.
I presently have over 200 videos to do and I know that I will not have time to complete them but you are a patreon and as such, you are entitled to special privileges so it will be a pleasure to do the video for you. I have a couple of videos that I am already working on but I will move yours to the top of the list once they are completed.


Hi Joe
I knew you had a long long list of requests so I really wasn’t expecting anything soon, Really really appreciate that mate, Cheers

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