How to videos for MK2 and up

Hi Joe I would love to see some of your how to videos that cover MK2 and up. A video on how to remove the headlights would be very helpful. Ronald Cottrill UK 1995 VR4

Hi Ronald.
You are the 2nd person today requesting videos for mk2. Problem is, I don’t have any mk2 at the moment. Watch out for the upcoming competition that will get the video covered on the winners car.


Joe90 if my MK2 was MOTed I would let you use it but i have some rust that i have to get fix first

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Joe90 do you know anyway that I can some replacement panels for the underside of a VR4

Hi Rex
The answer is simple. Win the lottery. :joy:
The active aero tray is no longer available and neither is the mk1 na centre tray. The na side trays are still available.
All is not lost. I have been investing huge sums of money in getting all of the obsolete parts manufactured or re-manufactured to original spec. The virus has put back manufacturing by months so you will have to be patient. A manufacturer for the trays has already been found and mould production has begun. Stay tuned for updates.


Thank you for the info but the panels I need are for the chassis and floorboards

So do you mean the metal body panels?

Yes I have to replace the metal panel that the drive shift and the rear sub frame bolt to

Impossible,unless You chopp from another car or fabricate new metal !

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That is why I have been trying to find someone that has a shell

I’ve been on the hunt for a mk1 aero tray for many years :see_no_evil:. Took mine off after it got pulled down due to snow, had it in a small pile with some interior bits in my parents’ garage and it got thrown out as they thought it was junk :man_facepalming:t2:.

I’ve replaced all the other bits after from the undertray.

Planning to make a basic replacement tray (non-aero) till I can find or make a proper replacement.