How to disassemble the heads and what position the crank shift is set at before removing heads

Craig Stephens from :us:. Like to know prior to removing the heads what position is the crank shaft is set to and how would you lock it to maintain that position? I have enjoyed watching your videos on YouTube and learned some things making the task easier than what the manual shows. Thank you.

Also does one of the cars you talk about sending to the crusher/scrape yard you has a a six speed manual tranny and all components for a VR4 all wheel drive? If so would you be willing to part with it? Thanks again for the videos. Nice work Joe.

Hi Craig
I will try to post the information when I get time or you could just look at the free online manuals which are on this forum.
Transmissions are getting very hard to come by now so it is not something that I would sell. Shipping alone would cost you a fortune. I think you would stand a higher chance of finding one in a junk yard in the states.

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