Hey guys just arrived in tbe forum

Hello all my name is: Mike Hind
I have a: (GTO, TT) 1994

Anyone on the Facebook pages will have seen my updates but for now I’ll go back to the start…

I bought the car 7 month ago, and in that time had ALLSORTS DONE, full restoration bodywork wise, all belts, pulleys new wheels breaks, hoses tbe list is endless…

But I was on the “dressing the engine bay” part, mechanic removed the plenum, and I sent it for power coat, until then car ran SWEET as a NUT… then we fired her up and it cut out 30seconds in, only to to strip the plenum and find a rag in the plenum chamber, all
In one peace so nothing missing, but now it won’t fire!!

It cranks but no start, we have checked the timing and it was 1 tooth out, put that right and still nothing…

Last night the mechanic removed the front plugs and did a compression test… cam back 60/90 on front 3…

Had a borescope down to check if anything is damaged or out of place but EVERYTHING seems right…

Now current state is to get the car booked in at Westfield for a rebuild!!

Based in Middlesbrough and this car is my hobbby but I’m not mechanical in tbe slightest so I’m tbe hands of others…

Any advise or ideas would be fantastic



Welcome to the forum Mike.
Sorry to hear about your problems. I am not on Facebook myself but a couple of others have mentioned the problem that you have. It is unfortunate that you are not mechanically minded because you are going to get a lot of conflicting advice from different people. Some of the people will just be taking random guesses without having a clue about the fault and this could end up costing a fortune.
Without seeing a car, it is hard for anyone to give an accurate diagnosis but based on the information you have provided there are a number of observations that can be made.

  1. The car was fine until the plenum was removed and because it is not necessary to remove or adjust any major parts to do the plenum removal, there should not be any mechanical problems.
  2. The car started and run fine fine for 30-60 seconds. This is about the time it takes to use any fuel that is in the fuel lines before the engine will stop.
  3. The 6g72 engine is an interference engine but 1 tooth out will not cause valve or engine damage.
    Without knowing the level of knowledge of the mechanic that did the work for you, it is hard to commit on ability but from the information that you have given, I would say that you should be looking for a stupidly simple fault rather than a complex expensive one. The options are things like, trapped wire, connector not plugged in or dirty, a broken wire, something not assembled correctly or a blown fuse for fuel pump.
    Start by finding out if fuel is getting to the injectors. This is simple to do and costs nothing.
    Get back to us with the results and we can go from there.
    Good luck.
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Glad you posted up Mike, sure you will get some help here

Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to be. Joe is a blessing sharing his knowledge with we knuckle heads

Might be worth checking the fuel supply as Joe90 suggests. Check where it joins the filter … under the battery. May have worked loose or kinked a bit when removing plenum. Quick check and costs nothing and check the fuse Joe90 suggests

I have used Westfield and Rob Evil but as you are in The North why not try Graham Roberts in Leeds he sorted my TT gearbox/transfer box and is renown as GTO/3000GT part supplier . On Ebay or 01132551067 the workshop boys below the office seemed pretty good.

I don’t understand the compression test results. What does “60/90” mean? 30? Or it sounds like a blood pressure reading. A compression test should give a result in PSI or kPa.

Also, what exactly did you look down with the borescope? Were you looking into the cylinders through the spark plug holes? Or the intake plenum and manifold?

I love a good mystery!