Help with sourcing syncros

Hey I’m Craig.

So my gearbox finally decided to be all grindy in 2nd and 3rd.

its the 5speed twin turbo

Im having the box rebuilt locally (I am in the UK) and need new syncros.

I read apparently supra syncros fit but I am not clued up on the gearboxes or types to know which ones do and do not fit?

All help is appreciated!!


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Ask Rvenge on facebook plus they will supply all the syncros and gearing for our car oem or copy. Already asked for my 2nd gear.


Sorry should have said they are in Louisiana but USPS delivery only took 13 days.
Guy is Chris Behnken


They are actually in Missouri but you’re not too far off.

I also was going to recommend Chris. I’m going to be using him myself once I get my 5 speed apart and see what it needs. The worst part about getting from the states will be shipping cost.


If it;s only syncro stuff and a gear a small parcel should not be too much. My tranny plate from Hans Ertl was only $38 .


Thank you ill check those out!

Yes ask Rvenge Performance. I just had my transaxle and transfer case rebuilt by Chris Behnken.