Help needed: Tips for preservation

Hey everyone new member here

So here is how the story goes

I have been searching for a project car to import from the US to Canada within my price range (5-10k) and I came across this 5 speed base 1995 3000gt. I went ahead and put a hold payment on this a few months ago (like an idiot, to be fair). But the dealership couldn’t get me the title for some reason. Sounded like a bit of bullshit was going on and I waited for about a month and half, all the while, watching these videos non stop (THANK YOU).

Eventually I smartened up and asked for some more photos, didn’t like what I saw and ventured back out into the market. I then came across this 5 speed base 1993 which was just soOooOooOOoo much nicer. I mean, the first one was listed at 6 000 USD and the second was 11 000 USD so almost 2x the price but infinitely nicer.

I decided that I couldn’t go back to the original deal just because of what was out there. I mean, pop up headlights, absolutely mint condition, from a real collector.

The problem is that I wasn’t in the damn market for a collector! I wanted something with a little character! But long story short (haha) I ended up buying the damn thing. It cost me 14 000 Canadian + 1 000 shipping + 1 000 tax and fack. I’ve got myself into a little situation I hadn’t really anticipated.

But after watching these videos for the last few months I have ABSOLUTELY fallen in love with this car. My original plans for a unique fixer upper / daily driver have turned to: “how the hell am I going to preserve this car the way a real collector would?”

The problem is that I live in Canada and this car is from Missouri originally. We get so much salt and the cold weather alone is enough to just destroy anything. My last vehicle was a 97 Jeep TJ and its so rusted out that it actually has presented a legitimate structural concern.

So back to the topic…

I am going to put down some stone, frame a floor and bolt a nice big tent (a nice one don’t worry) where I will park the car for the winters. During the summer I can keep it in a garage most of the time. What are some other things that I should absolutely look out for? In terms of preservation, this one is nice and I believe it was worth every cent – we don’t get these cars in Canada.

My background is in trucks so a toy like this is pretty foreign to me. I might not be speaking the same language as most of you but if there are any pointers you can throw my way, things that you would do, or things that you wish you did with your car, I would greatly appreciate it.

I went from RESTORATION to PRESERVATION in the last week and I have mixed feelings.

Thanks for tuning in. Cheers


so you do not plan on driving it at all correct?

That is correct I only want to drive it the absolute minimum each year to keep the engine healthy – I haven’t thought about how this can be achieved in the winter when its cooped up in a tent

Well I do know if the car sits for too long it can jump timing. Because the belt starts to loosen. Would always probably want to change the fuel out every now and then as oppose to letting it sit. Id also check every now and then for water leaks or oil leaks. Joe has a great video on how to find water leaks. Even if you dont see it, it could still be there.

I don’t have any advice, but I just want to wish you good luck in your journey with this car!

The best advice I would give anyone is don’t leave the car sitting around. It is designed to be driven and problems will build up if it is left idle. Even if you only drive it a couple of miles a week, it will make all the difference.
That said, keep it off the salted roads. There is all sorts of body protection you can buy but you can’t stop the salt getting into the running gear, brakes and general bits and bobs.
Salt is a real killer.
Congrats on your purchase, you are going to want to drive the car until the tires fall off. Make sure you post some pictures.

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Yeah I’d say drove it a few miles 10-20 every week or so won’t hurt the mileage and will keep everything ticking over.

Obviously you’re not going to do that in a Canadian winter so pay for a heated garage/ classic car storage if you can’t do it yourself I guess.

Keep the gas tank always full during months of condensation, it keeps the water out of the fuel. It’s important to start the car and move it a little bit, this is so the oil seals don’t shrink and avoid flat spots on tires. Get a battery cut-off switch, so it’s easy to preserve the battery.

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To everyone here thank you

I have decided to not take any shortcuts and pay the 125/month for heated winter storage. 14" heated concrete and a constant to the battery. It’ll take me out of the game for 6 months minimum each year but I think worth it for this particular vehicle

My brother this weekend was telling me about this new girlfriend he has from Brasil. She’s like 6 years younger than him and could you guess my advice? I’ll give you a clue…it wasn’t lock her in a garage and forget about her!!

Looks like I’ll be taking your advice Joe!! Gonna ride this one til the wheels fall off!! Yeehaw!!

btw here is the link for the particular model if anyone is wondering:

you can click on full screen and the watermark goes away


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Wow, that car looks like its Brand new.
Congrats with your purchase, would be a shame not to drive it. Will be interesting to see which costs more to have, your 3000Gt or your bro’s new Girlfriend. :laughing::laughing:

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I think you got a real bargain. It is rare to find one in such good condition these days.

I love the old stuff but corrosion is a huge issue. Especially here in the UK where we use a lot of salt also.
I currently daily drive an old 1993 fiat panda.
It goes out in all weather’s at all times of the year.
This is only possible with yearly cleaning of vulnerable parts like brakes and suspension bushings etc.
I do swear by 3 products though.
Dynax S50, Dynax UB and dinitrol ML.
They have never let me down and at each MOT the guys comment on how rust free the car in for an old panda.

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