General Upgrades

It’s been a super long time since I’ve posted and I thought I’d give details of what I’ve done to the Stealth since the article on the Drive came out. I can post photos if anyone and links if anyone is interested in what I’ve done.

I can report that the aero package we’ve designed is working - there is less aero drag on the car. On my 250 mile one way trips to the cabin, if I stick to the speed limit, I’m using about 10.25 gallons of premium. Was something like high 11s or 12 gallons before the drag reduction. Also, the gurney flap is now on the banana wing and I can report that the back end sucks a TON of air from under the car. You should see how dirty the back bumper and deck lid are after one of my trips. The rain makes a nice roostertail as well.

I no longer have any hot starting issues. Starts right up. Attributed to the heat blankets and wraps as well as the fuel pump bypass. Heat blankets here: Article about my car

  1. I was not happy with the stock headlight situation and the popup headlights, especially if I’m driving at night. Since I have the snake eyes, that made my plans easier. So I purchased the best LED replacements for the stock headlamps and designed and built my own adaptor harness that plugs into the stock plug. These LEDs are very bright. Next, I disconnected the power to the buckets and manually moved them up 1 1/2 inches. The light put out is still brighter than the stock lights and in my opinion having the black buckets up just a little gives a different personality.

  2. I’ve designed an aero cover for the stupid fake vent behind the doors. In my testing, they throw up quite a bit of drag at high speeds. The covers fit in the cavity and have a vortex generator on each side.

2a. The testing of the diffuser is ongoing. The problem is I carry a few hundred pounds when I’m going back and forth to the cabin and that causes the back to sag just enough that the strakes rub sometimes - and our driveway at the cabin would cause some ground strikes as well. Sucks.

  1. Last winter I had the 60k done at 40k and while they were in there, put in a 3sx high capacity single core radiator and switched the system to Evans. I’m told it took nearly 2 hours to clear out all the water based coolant. Since the change, I can do as many pulls as I like without any spikes in the coolant and on the highway, whereas before if I passed someone, here come 200 degrees. Last week, I did 250 miles at between 85 and 95 with some pretty constant low boost with nothing more than 197 degrees.

  2. For my digital dash (via TorquePro), I bought a tablet holder similar to what law enforcement uses that bolts onto the passenger seat rail. Works great, very adjustable.

What causes those hot starting issues?? I should read up, but I am lazy and I will just ask instead :see_no_evil:

That would fall under the “nobody knows” category in that it seems to be several different things. Any one fix may or may not work for anyone else.

In my case, I went after heat soak and fuel pressure by doing the pump bypass and heat shielding everything in the engine compartment with lava tape by hand stitching the tape with steel wire to form blankets, converted the 1st gen strut covers into vents, added a manual high speed radiator fan bypass.

You’d be astonished how much heat comes out of those strut covers.