Fuse boxes and ECU removal

Hi Joe

I’d be interested in seeing how to remove the fuse boxes and relay holder and also the best way to remove the ECU if possible
Many thanks


ECU removal is very easy.

All you need to do is remove the carpeted covers on the side of the center console, then there are 3 bolts that hold the ecu in place at the front of the console under the radio.

There are how to’s with pictures in many places. This is not something that requires a video. It literally takes 5 minutes tops.

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Hi ok thanks for the info :+1:

Not sure how I would film the fuse box removal Darren. This is in a very tight spot and there are plugs on the front and back of the box which are on impossiby short cable lengths. I would strongly recommend not attempting to remove the assembly unless you have no choice or have a lot of patience.

Hi Joe

Thanks for your reply I will definitely not remove it when I’ll put all the brackets back on it’s in such a tight hard to reach place too

Thanks for your time as always