Fuel Gauge Stuck on full

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I just bought my 1999 SL and filled up the gas for the first time. I’ve been driving it a little and my Optima a little too because I need to change the timing belt, water pump, camshaft sensor and flush the coolant. Point is, I filled them both up at the same time and I noticed my optima was down a quarter of a tank and my 3000GT was still full. Initially I thought, wow, this car has great gas mileage! But then I thought, it’s a V6 3L and the Optima is V4 2.4L, that doesn’t make sense. When I turned the Car off, I noticed the gauge did not fall down like it’s supposed to. I was driving it so obviously the fuel pump works, so I think the sender or wiring may be bad. I’m not sure if there is a fuse or if something else like the actual gauge is stuck. I checked the price for a sender, unfortunately for all of us 3000GT owners, the sender and pump go together and costs like $700 bucks! Good lord! Would you do a video on this issue? I’ve watched a few other channels on this topic already but I like yours the best so I’ll wait for a video before I attempt to fix anything. hopefully it’s a simple issue and not the $700 issue.

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Gold Wolf, USA

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Hello Gold wolf
I don’t think that you have a fault. If you filled your tank, it often goes a long way before the gauge will start to fall because the sender does not go to the top of the tank. Also, the gauge will continue to give the fuel level even when the engine is off. Drive another 50 miles and you should start to see some sort of drop. I will be doing a fuel pump video as soon as I have a faulty one to replace.
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Thanks for the info my friend! You were right. The gauge has started to drop. Still looking forward to that video when you get an example!

On another note, I was successful in installing a new touch screen Bluetooth radio with reverse camera, and I did a great job because of your trim videos guiding me so thanks for that. I did my best to record and explain the process, but it is no where near your videos quality. I wanted to give it to you after editing but I can already tell it is not to par for your channel. I’m not good enough of a camera man or orator. So unfortunately, I’ll have to leave that to you.

Again, thanks for taking your time to reply and for all you do!

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