Front windshield replacement

Guys, I really need your help now… We had some really bad cold here, and a small scratch in my front windshield has burst of it creating a much larger tear, and I am looking at a must change windshield job, but I have for a long time been searching for one but been unable to find any…

Can any of you please give assistance on how I can get my hands on a replacement one :frowning:

I think that your biggest problem is getting it to you in one piece. New ones are available from most screen fitters so I would check those first in your own country. Used ones are getting hard to come by but let me know if you can’t get a new one locally and I will try to help you out.

I have asked around here and gotten the fitters here to ask in Denmark, and I got a negative answer from all… Even tried to ask the local Mitsubishi dealer here, but they can never get anything for my car…

One of the screen fitters is also a windshield repair guy who has a kit that he uses on those cracks, and he said that he would try to see if he could stop it, and fill it in with some compound they insert into it, but he said that he was 100% sure that incase he could manage to stop it, then it would always be visable though… Going to try that first and see how it turns out…

If all comes to bad, then my bet is that it is equally cheap for me to instead of getting a window shipped here then I take a ferry either to Denmark or south of Scotland and drive down to somewhere in the UK where it can be fixed.

If you are looking to replace the whole thing then I know where you can get a new one. Let me know and ill send the link.

Hi Joe, that’s good to know as I’m certain I read somewhere recently that the front screen was no longer available anywhere including all the screen companies. Have you bought one recently?

I haven’t bought one myself recently but I know someone who had one fitted last year.

I just checked and auto glass say that they have them in stock.

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I had mine fitted by auto glass
They scratched my paint work really bad and send it was already like it so I would definitely fit it myself if you can

Thanks Joe, as I say it’s good to know they are still available.

I am going to check with auto glass as when I tried to get mine done the company my insurance uses couldn’t find one

Keep us posted mate.

Well got the screen done today through my insurance, auto glass sourced and fitted the screen, so no more huge crack.

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