Front windshield question

Does anyone know if there was some sort of rubber seal on the side of the front windshield that has now gone brittle and is breaking apart? Or is this just muck that has built up on the side of mine? I can see its starting to break away leaving gaps. What happens if water gets into there?

That looks like the thin rubber gasket that runs along the edge of the plastic trim that goes up the window and over the door. I have never seen one that badly broken up before. It is primarily a dust and muck gasket so it is no real worry if it leaks for now. You should be able to find an after market rubber strip that is about the same dimension’s for replacement.

I wouldnt have to remove the windshield to replace it would I? Also you said it goes over the door as well. Currently there is no rubber gasket over the door. Well there is but it is badly broken up just like this one. I actually thought thats where the water was coming from into my headliner above the passenger seat.

You would not have to remove the windshield to replace the gasket. One of my videos shows how to remove the plastic trim. Neither the gasket or the trim have anything to do with water proofing. It may be worth looking at my video for head liner removal so that you can see where the leak is coming from. I know that the moon roofs are known to have leak issues.