Front Window, panels in and out, and speaker replacement

Both of my front side windows were light scratched when I bought the car, and the weather seals were not sitting right.

Because the windows were working, speakers okish, I put it on the back burner, but now its time to fix.

Post question is: Is this everything I need before I set off on this fix? The ones with question marks I am not sure of:

Window Weather Seals (Cheng Shu)
L / R Regulators
Replacement screws? (Not sure of size / type needed)
6-1/2-inch Door speaker
6 x 9 Rear
Dashboards speaker size?
Glue to stick plastic sheet down to waterproof?
Plastic sheet?
0000 wire wool to remove window scratches?

Anything else I should be prepared with?

Thank you for any help.

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I too have scratches like those on both my Windows, I have looked at videos on you tube on how to remove, but I confess that I am nervous about taking an orbital disc sander to my glass in case I make them worse and end up having to source replacements, (don’t open THAT can of worms)
So I would be interested to see how you get on with this project,

I would likely try the low abrasion wool and glass polish for about 30mins on one glass in situ, and if not made much better I would remove and book a same day polish at a local glass / windscreen / detailing company, rather then do myself.

If you can get the glass out, you may find a local company (I can where I am) that will do that for say 50 euros or less to avoid hire buying a polisher etc.

Unless other ideas…

I have a rear door off a Passat, and was thinking of scuffing that up first and then trying to polish them out before trying my own glass, But I like your other option, take the glass out via Joe’s video and leave them with a professional :grinning:

There is a video next week on how to repair speakers to factory condition for under £10 a pair.
Patreons already have early access to the video.

I sourced some oem, new unused, door seals (door belts). They look fine but the rubber part doesn’t sit tight up against the glass. There is a significant gap.

1- does this matter?

2- can it be fixed?

I’m guessing over years of storage the rubber just settled into a straighter line

I bought a oem belt for my passenger side door. And a replica for the drivers side door. The oem belt sits up againts the glass nicely but the rubber becomes hard quite fast and is now pushing on the glass causing a lot of strain on the window regulator. The driver side replica one is still nice and rubbery and does not push up againts the glass. But it still looks great

Who does the replicas?

Do you have a picture?

Does it matter if it isn’t tight up against the glass?

Do you use facebook? Ill drop her link here. Shes got pics of the replicas. I really dont think if it matters whether its tight on the glass or not. Like I said the oem one on my car is now pushing too hard againts the glass so ill replace it with one of the replicas. This is who you want to message on facebook. She sells hatch strips as well as door weatherstrips.

I recently replaced the speakers in my '93 3000GT and I left some information about how I did it on the forum. Here is a link to the complete discussion:
I found good replacements for my dash speakers and the model and source is listed down in the above discussion. The size of the speaker is only 3 in.

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oh man now i regret throwing out my front door speakers years ago.