Front wheel hub/bearing replacement

Hi there
Recent events made me to replace front wheel bearing.
There are two options for it so I wondered if you can help us with some visual.
Thank you in advance
Stefan from Marlow, UK

Hi Stefan
I am not quite sure what you are asking for in the video. I know that there is more than one type but you need to ask the supplier for the correct one for your vin number. If you need a video on how to replace the type that is fitted to your car, you will have to send me the vin or detailed pictures so that I can identify it.

Hi Joe
It seems that many people report seized front drive shafts in the bearing. As these cars are old it would be nice if there is a video of how to replace the wheel hub or bearing. I personally had some minor noise and recent maintenance on gearbox required remove the drive shafts. As result next day I drove it whining noise increased and it is unbearable now.
On the point of VIN mine is z16a-0012877, but I am using the same software as you.
And I would like to thank you for the videos.

Thanks for the information. I will do one soon.

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