Front washer fluid tank

Car is a 1996 3000gt base model. I just filled the washer fluid tank up, went for a drive and mid way through the drive the light for the washer fluid came on. When I got home all the fluid was leaking out all over the ground. Does anyone know if they tank itself has some sort of seal where its common for fluid to leak out over time? Or is it likely maybe the fluid tank has a crack in it. Also are these fluid tanks still available from mitsubishi? The dealer by me no longer carries any parts for my car.

There is a gasket around the level sensor but it only came with the sensor, not separately. Don’t know the size.
Looks like you may have to hit the junk yards or ebay if it is cracked. They have one at the moment for $190 used with the pump.
Good luck…

So you cant buy just the gasket? dang that sucks. Ill have to pull the washer fluid tank out one of these days once I figure out how it comes out lol.

That’s what I have been told. Doesn’t seem right, I agree with you there.
I have to pull mine too. The sensor went out last week.

If I remember rightly it was not a major to get out. Might have to remove the battery and its bracket…and maybe disconnect the breather thingy from the throttle body to gain better access… worst part for me was I hate lifting out the heavy battery.

Have a look for other ones from mitizs at the junk yards, most of them are the same.

I found some on ebay for pretty cheap

Hi I broke my rubber gasket taking my sensor out I got a replacement one of eBay :+1:t2::+1:t2:

This gasket, Washer fluid was leaking out of it? When I was driving it literally sounded like a waterfall of water rushing out of it.

This part from Amayama

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So I pulled the tank out and water was leaking from this spot here.

Is this the gasket for the pump?

I cant tell from that photo. Anyone else have any idea? Maybe some gasket goo or something?

I was wrong its leaking here

Dry it out really good, and then put some silicone (RTV) all around that fitting, even where the wires come through. Let it dry for at least 24 hours, fill with plain water and check for leaks. If good, re-install and add washer fluid.

I replaced at least 3 of those whole washer assemblies over the course of 20 yrs and 3 vehicles.
Poor design.

Good Luck


ok ill try that, just out of curiosity is this the level sensor gasket? Can that thing even be removed and a new one fited?

Yes that is the level sensor gasket.

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So I ended up buying a new sensor gasket. When I go to install it do I need to use RTV sealent?