Front Subframe replacement

Hi Joe. When replacing the cam belt and removing some of the engine covers I discovered this corrosion in the left hand part of the front subframe. I managed to get a cheap replacement and replaced it quite easily but on further investigation discovered the front cross member is in a similar condition. Any possibility of a video on how to replace the front cross member? Many thanks. Gary

Hi Gaz
This isn’t a video that I planned on as such because generally speaking, this isn’t a problem area. Maybe I just buy the right cars or you have been unlucky to get a bad one. That said, I am doing a major restoration which includes full strip down, refurbishment and rebuild of the front and back subframe. I will add it to the video list but these areas take some months to complete due to the large number of parts involved. You also have to remember that this is only a hobby and not a job so I have to fit things around work. Keep an eye open. Thanks for the request.


Hi Joe, can the rear subframe be replaced? My 94 3000GT base model has been in an accident and I think it would be best to replace it.