Front Struts MK1

This maybe a dumb question, but just need to double check.

are the front struts on a 3000GT different to the Front Struts on the GTO. (1990-1999)

I have managed to find a pair of new KYB front struts, but the seller is adamant that these are for a 3000GT and will not fit a GTO.

its the none electronic version.

I thought they were all the same, or is he correct?


One is electronic and the other is not. They will both fit but you won’t have the ability to control ride stiffness with the basic strut. You should not fit the electronic ones to the standard gto because you can’t control stability. If one is set to hard and the other to soft, it will be very unstable and ride funny. The basic version is still available the last time I checked. Which struts do you need? I may be able to help.

Thanks Joe, I thought so, I was just concerned with fitment. Mine has the basic one.

Are they available from only the dealer? I was only after the standard one, as front OS has started leaking, and i can hear it when going over the bumps.