Front ECS strut oil seals

A lot of you have been contacting me to ask for replacement oil seals for the ECS struts. I have not listed them before because this is a job that requires time and tooling. In a previous video, I gave an insight on how to remove the old ones but re-fitting is a little trickier. I planned on making a DIY tool for the job but I just can’t seem to find the time to finish it. For those of you that still want to try it yourself, I am now selling the seals but on the understanding that I can’t give you any help other than the tips that I am listing here.

  1. You must clamp the neck of the tube all the way round very tightly before attempting to open the tube as the tube will stretch and you will not get a tight seal.
  2. You must also clamp the neck of the tube tightly when refitting the new seal.
  3. Seal the tube closed all the way round simultaneously. Do not attempt to work your way round bit by bit.
  4. Force the seal down tightly as part of the seal is at the bottom as well as the side.

I hope this helps as this is all the help I am prepared to give at the moment.
The seals are £20 each plus post. Send me a private message if you are interested.