Front and rear Caliper pins

Hi guys i’m after a set of brake caliper pins for my 1994 gto, any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

Ebay, RockAuto, etc should get you what you need.

Tried nothing on there

Have you tried in Japan ? This should be the front pins but please check they are the correct parts for your vehicle front the rears \i think are shoes. Type your chassis number into the search box to get what should exact match part number for your vehicle here

The rears are not shoes. The only shoes on the rear are for the emergency/parking brake. The rear has pins on the MK2, and bolts on MK1.

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:grinning::grinning::grinning: Happy days yep they got what I’m looking for and more. Thanks again much appreciated

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If you use these part numbers at Rock auto then the front and rear will be a total of £29.03 at todays exchange rate shipped to the UK

DYNAMIC FRICTION 34072000 {340-72000} Front

DYNAMIC FRICTION 34072011 {340-72011} Rear

They are listed for the dodge stealth but the callipers are the same.

Hope that helps


Agreed ,just me being lazy. I just needed to scroll down to see the pins but the shoes on the e-brake threw me :grinning: