Front active aero

Hi all,
Far to much time available at the moment ,With the help of Joe with new motor and regulator for red auto I,m a few clips away from sorting it, so have started Blue TT.
Stripped it out for garage guys and they have got to Active aero which has never worked. Relays found (whilst fitting new aerial) and rear freed up and working on ignition. However looking at front motor (looks like it belongs on the Barrier Reef) it’s so rusty cant get any power into it ,even though freed up front end. Any tips on taking the lot out as cant take motor out via access plate. And of course anyone got a replacement, although my mechanic/sparks says he might be able to use windscreen wiper motor.

After this sorted just a ECS flashing light which is probably rusty connections again I hope and some wheel refurbing.

I am in the process of active aero repair video which includes motor repair. I will not be covering motor bypass because this is a restoration channel and a bypass is not necessary.


Thanks Joe . My guy got back to me and it was ABS pump that was ultra rusty so may be able to salvage the existing. He went through the spotlight opening for better access but we will now take the lot off to restore it. Major problem is all nuts/bolts rusty so fair bit of drilling out and replacing.

Faaaaantastic that we can get a video on the repair as I want mine to function 100% … It cuts out from time to time which is really annoying


I totally agree gents
May front one is completely dead like a Dodo
I just can’t wait for another of Jos fantastic video


Front and back now stripped and repaired and fully working so not motors. However not run it yet and does not operate on switch so have sprayed that as it does not look as though it comes apart easily. We shall see tomorrow. On to ECS then which hopefully is just poor electrics.
Any one have Active aero switch if spaying and taking apart doesn’t work ?