Front active aero help as it seems to be in reverse

Hey folks…

I just recently finished restoring my front active aero and getting it working again (I was all over the moon about that)
But today when I assembled the front of the car I noticed that the aero is somehow working in reverse order… It starts of in the down position (I attatched video for referance)

Is there any of you out there that can pretty please tell me why it is doing this?? There was nothing with the motor being in reverse because there was only 1 way it could be put back togeather again.

It’s possible the wires in the motor are reversed. I have a slab saw in my shop that spun backwards because the wires were revered.

It was nothing more then I had not paid attention when putting everything back togeather again… A few minutes of fiddeling and it is all working now… As a sidenote, the rear spolier wont activate if you put it togeather in the wrong position at the front… After setting it correctly the rear spoler activated again, and I now have a fully working active aero :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Hola yo tengo problemas con mi active aero delantero, ya que me sale la luz roja de aero, tienes alguna imagen para ver la posición correcta de ambos motores delantero y trasero, por favor

Can I answer back in english?? Or do I need to use translator to spanish??