Fog light removal

Hey Joe bradley from south carolina in the usa was wondering if possible could you do a how to on fog light removal. I have a stealth tt and was looking for a video. Thank you so much for all your help

Hi Bradley
I am just waiting for some fog light backings to come back from re-processing and then I will do a video on removal and refurbishing of the fog lights.
Should be in a couple of weeks.

The fog light reflective backing has now come back from resurfacing so I will be starting on all of the fog light videos very soon.


Save two of them for me please Joe :+1:

Omg, that looks faaaantastic :heart_eyes:

Wow they look better than new :+1:

Hi @Joe90 those foglight backings look incredible and are exactly what I need after finally finding some lights

in reasonable condition that need refurbishment. Will you be releasing your restoration video to non patrons? It would be great if you could point me in the direction of where you got those reflective backings done!

Hello Mike
This video is for patrons only and about 1 in 10 videos will be made in the future, just for patrons.
I think that it is only fair that the people that contribute to the channel have some sort of reward.
People that want access to just one of the patron videos can make a one time payment through patreon and I will send the video link.

Joe, did you ever make the fog light videos? I am a patron, but it only gave me access to 1 video from back in 2020?

I did a video on restoration of the fog lights but not how to remove them. I will get around to it one day but can’t say when right now.

Which country are you in?

I am actually looking for the restoration video, do you have a link for that? I am in Colorado USA.

Afraid I don’t have the link once the video has been uploaded but you can go to the channel and search fog light rebuild.

The video is here:

But you should check out all of Joe´s channel as there are loads of useful tips and how to there