Fog Light Bulb Replacement

Hafa Adai (Hello) from Guam, Joe!

I’m requesting a video concerning the bulb replacements in the fog lights of a Gen1 GTO ('93 specifically). I know that the newer replacement bulbs come with a spade connector instead of the bullet format that is on the harness and wanted to see what you resolution was for this.

I’m fairly new to working on automobiles and your videos have been helping me out quite a bit with my new project car! Thanks!


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Hi. I replaced one of my fog light bulbs a couple of days ago. Ideally you want to remove the fog light but mine was so rusted in that I had to replace the bulb in situ. Its not easy but it can be done. Probably easier if your car is on a hoist but I had to lay underneath mine. You will need a tool with a small hook on the end or a short length of wire bent over and a small mirror. I never had enough length of cable to cut the bullet connector off so I just slid the spade connector into the bullet connector and slid the insulator cover over. Not ideal but works fine :slightly_smiling_face:. Gary


I to change the bulbs right thru the vents in the bumper next to the fog lights. Was not fun but doable once you by touch understand how the bulb sits in there. As for the spade connector - I fabricated a little adaptor from bullet to spade. There is enough room under the lid to accomodate a little wire with bullet to spade connectors.

But it’ll be helluva lot easier of undertray is romoved but I bet it might be so rusted in that it’ll be scary to do that . Eventually I had to :slight_smile: almost all the bolts were snapped, a lot of fun restoring, but that’s another story…

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Unfortunately, I had to order two new assemblies for the fog lights altogether as the ones in the car proved to be too far gone to continue using. I believe the previous owner used 100W bulbs in them and melted parts of the rear off. One was so bad that it’s had water sitting in it for a while now.

So, regardless, I’ve gotta pull the Active Aero dam out of the front end to get to the retaining bolts for the brackets. Hopefully Joe is able to put together a video detailing how to drop the Active Aero and remove the assemblies in a future video. I’ve been watching a lot of his other series for the Window Regulators (another issue with the project car that I have coming up) and they’ve helped me greatly understand how the system works.