Flare holder (from passenger footwell)

Hi, anyone got this holder/bracket they want to sell me? I had one in my 1st GTO but not in my current one. was going to put a Universal flare in - just to look nice!


Hi I ordered one from Megazip.net last year! I was not able to get the flare do to “Restricted Item” issues internationally! I did find a LED type flare on eBay made exactly the right proportion to the original flare! Hope this helps you out!

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thanks for the info - I have emailed the company about ordering the part - hopefully they will get back to me!


out of stock - doh! Oh well, will keep looking…


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Will have to look for another way to fix it in - can’t be that hard to find/make something…

Did You check with Graham ?


good call, I will text him tomorrow…dont know why i didn’t think of that! cheers

i have one in the breaker gto i have …i take it they weren’t in the 3000gt’s only jap imports?

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I think you are right - they are only in JDM cars. I had one in my 1st GTO but not in my current one for some reason - unless it was optional? Are you keeping the holder or selling it? if so I will buy it off you please. thanks

yes selling have the flare too …breaker car is a black 93 mk2 gto with mk1 engine in it …and my car is 96 mk2 3000gt …bought gto for various parts for mine …mainly 6spd gearbox and front aero and any thing else that is better than my car …so will start selling most of car here soon. .whole interior is up for grabs .not sure how much its worth really .what you think? rik

Not sure - there are some new holders on ebay for other JDM cars for ÂŁ15-20. If the flare is in nice condition I could buy that too - not sure what they would go for though? Just let us know what you think. Good luck in swapping parts over, sounds like a big job but worth it! cheers

let me get pic of flare …will be at weekend …willing to do both for £10 with a bit of postage ?


sounds good to me mate - you’ve got me by the balls as i can’t find one anyway ha ha.


I can use bank transfer if that’s the bast way for you, or PayPal whichever you prefer. thanks

Hi sorry took ages to find it .but now have holder .and flare like new

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Hi, that’s great thanks! Just let me know when I can pay and will send over straight away. thanks

sorry thought i had sent this …so my paypal is [email protected] …£15 with postage …will send signed for and all that …rik

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Hi, that’s great - all done now - thanks!

can you use that email to send address and a phone number for courier???