Faulty powerfold wing mirrors

Hey guys, a question re powerfolding mirrors not working

i have had a look at the common issues re door wiring and this is sound (checked with a multimeter)

The issue is they are not working at all, but when i first got the car a few months back , they kinda worked but had a mind of thier own.

Now the car had a faulty toad alarm system which has been removed along with its wiring - I thought this may have had an effect but I have traced the wiring best I can (upuntil it gets into the main loom) and all seems fine here.

i checked the switch for continuity and this is ok

My issue is im not sure where the (possible) relays are or fuse (i have checked the electric wingmirror fuse and this is ok)

I also tested that the powerfold motor actually works and it does

So would anyone have a wiring diagram for the wing mirrors or know of any other poeeible isssues to check for?

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I had a similar issue. When I turned on the car they just had a mind of their own, pressing any of the buttons did nothing.

There is a control box which is a pig to get to below the ECU. This is your most likely problem.

Thank you, I checked and seems okay, it seems somehow there is a short in the wiring as I gear a dead short across the 2 wires that goto the powerfold even with the modules disconnected