ESC front shock absober mounts

Hello all my name is:Danny
I have a: 3000GT 1999
Hi everyone. mi hvae knocking coming from the front. i have replaced bottom ball joints and anti roll bar links. the other bushes on the bottom arm are still ok. i am having trouble locating the correct shock absorber mounts for my 3000gt. Mitsubishi have advised the part number to be MB949423 which is no longer available. i have seen on various site that KYB SM5096 is a replacement for this part number.
can anyone help in this matter or know where i can get qty 2 in the uk.

Try Amayama OEM parts from Japan could take 2-6 weeks

Danny, I believe 1995 was the last year for 3000gt, GTO and Stealth to have ECS struts from the factory. As such, does your 1999 have ECS struts? If you are looking for non-ECSs struts, then KYB does make a replacement. That should be less expensive than Amayama. Skål!

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Hello Torn
Sorted my 3000gt the KYB SM5096 fitted perfectly.
my 99 3000gt has ECS struts and working perfectly.


I appreciate your follow up. I am glad your struts are working perfectly. Very cool!

I have just finished fitting full set of shock to my car . Rockauto was very good for the parts

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Good job. Go fast, have fun!