Epoxy glue question

Long story short I brought my car in to have the ac fixed. The guy found a leak where the low side hose connects to the evaporator. He couldnt find an O ring that would fit so he put this epoxy stuff all over the connection point. I can get the bolt out but the hose is completely glued on and wont come out. Does anyone know how to get dried epoxy off?

I think you’ll just have to chip away at it. If the epoxy didn’t have a good balance of (metal or) aluminum in it, it’ll probably deteriorate with exposure to freon.

right now the car has no freon in it because it was leaking in that spot where the epoxy is. I took the bolt out for the low side hose but cannot get the hose out because its glued on now.

Did you try ‘soaking’ it in rubbing alcohol or paint stripper? Maybe soak a rag in, then wrap it around your epoxy.

I was going to and now its thunderstorming so ill have to wait until tomorrow.

Good luck! Fixing someone else’s hack is never fun.

The weakness in apoxy can be heat.
It’s only as strong as the temp it was cured at.
If you heat it with a hot air gun you will weaken it. Likely to a point you can work it loose.

Thanks ill try that out

Curious if you found a ‘fix’ for this?

Havent had a chance to work on it. Nothing but rain and thunderstorms here. Tho i do worry if the epoxy has damaged my evaporator

I’d be sure to flush it, if/when you remove it, just incase.

I doubt it will have. The fumes off it are negligible so unless it has run, which it doubtful I’d think it would be OK.
I’ve used epoxy all day in a closed heated workshop doing both longbows and arrow making and never noticed them.

Heat will easily destroy epoxy resins.
If it’s not high temp reson, 150 to 180 deg c will start to degrade them.
I use paint stripper heat guns.