Electronic tuning on pre 1995

I believe it was 1996 and above before the ports became available for use with electronic tuning but is there a way to do this on the earlier versions without the ports. I was wondering if anyone found a way to do so. I am ignorant on this topic but I know you wont mind in this forum with more mature users.

Hi @windsilo,
What are you trying to achieve.
Is yours a TT?

No but I was interested in the electronic tuning.

Just trying to get a little more throttle response

If your car is a Twin Turbo, you can upgrade the Turbos.
Evil empire has a bolt on (almost) solution without having to do any other upgrades.
If your car is n/a, from what I hear you would only be wasting money as no viable results have been reported for these cars.

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Thanks for the information