ECU Wiring help!

Hello all my name is: Martin and I need help, in more ways than one!

I have a 91 GTO TT
It has the following issue:no Spark at Plugs. I’ve been fighting this for a while now and getting desperate! Changed PTU checked Coils and they seem OK. Trying to see if the Plugs spark by putting power to the ECU Plastic Plug whilst disconnected with a fused lead direct from the Battery. Problem is I can not find the 3 wires I need. Brown/Red Black/Grey and Black/Red are I believe the ones. Can anyone show where they are on the Yellow Plug to help me….please?
my last day b4 I go into Hospital, if I need the ECU repairing i like it done while I’m in there.

Hi Martin
You can find what you are looking for in the manuals category on this forum.

Hi Joe, hope you are feeling and getting better!
I have the manuals but can not find a Picture showing which coloured wire comes out of which Port. In the meantime I have sent my ECU off for checking and repair, hopefully they find something wrong and it will work when it’s returned.