ECS system diagnosis & repair


I have watched all your videos and thank you!

I would love a video on diagnosing common issues with the ECS system and possible repairs :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Craig
I am very sorry but I don’t generally do fault and diagnosis videos. The channel is for repair and restoration. There are too many possible causes to any one fault and if the video doesn’t give the answer, I am left with constant people messaging me wanting to know what else it could be. From time to time, I will mention a known fault relating to a specific part but that’s as far as I go I’m afraid. If you have a problem, you could always ask for help on the forum but please remember that you will only get a list of possible causes and not a guaranteed solution to the problem.

Thats understandable, thanks for taking the time to reply!

I was hoping for somthing more along the lines of “common faults” aa bit like your “finding common leaks” video :slight_smile:

Thank you again