ECS / Defogger Switch

My sport light has been flashing. I took out the switch and checked the manual for continuity test. There is only one part number available for this switch but it looks different from the one in the diagram.
Mine does not have pins 5 and 12. they have not been removed as there is no place for them. I dont know where the switch is set but I get continuity with 3 and 4 and 9 and 11. If I then press the switch is still get the same continuity between 3 and 4 and 9 and 11. However, if i hold the button in, I loose continuity between 9 and 11, which ties up with the pattern although not exactly with the diagram.
I assume the switch is not working?
Does anyone have a working switch for sale please?

Have you checked the ECS Control Unit? That is more than likely the problem, with the capacitors starting to leak. It can be rebuilt.

This. It’s either going to be the ECS computer, or wiring going to one of the struts.

Thanks, yes checked all that. My ecu has been checked and i have plugged in a working one and the caps have all been tested for continuity.

Not the ECU but the ECS computer can have cap issues as well

Sorry, I meant the ECS module has been checked and a known working one tried.