Drilling and replacing old bolts

Hello, Caleb here from New Hampshire, USA. I would like to request a video on how you drill out rusted and broken bolts and repair them. Just starting out with learning how to repair and restore these cars and have broken several bolts already. You’ve mentioned about it in videos, but it would be really helpful to see how you it. Thank you for all the knowledge I’ve already gained from your videos.

The first step is not to break them. Get yourself a MAPP torch to heat bolts that you are weary of breaking.

Drilling out rusted bolts isn’t really a 3000GT specific thing. There are thousands of how tos and videos around. The main thing you need is a center punch, a good bit set, obviously a drill, and a tap set to chase threads.

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In addition to the torch, grab a candle. Once you heat up the broken bolts, if there’s enough shaft sticking out, melt some wax around the bolt, it’ll lubricate the bolt threads, and extract it with vice grips.