Door removal/replacement

Hey Joe, its Jon again from the US I live in Ohio specifically. I got my suspension and drivetrain sorted out and now I want to make the car look nice again and my passenger door has a terrible dent in it from where someone backed into it in a parking lot… anyhow I found the right color and model door within driving distance I can get for 300 dollars. I also need to do the side skirt and front clip but you covered both of those already I believe. Also just to clarify I would like to replace the entire door assembly since I think my current door would be too much work to fix.



Honestly the door is one of the easiest things to swap. It would be a 5 minute video.

You just need a second set of hands. Unplug the door harness, undo the door stop, 4 bolts. That’s it.

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thank you, my one major question is do I take the hinges off with the door or leave the hinges attached to the car? cause I did the door on my truck and took the hinges off with the door and it was a real hassle getting the door to line up properly when I went to re-instal. Im guessing I answered my own question… leave the hinges on the car so i dont have to try and adjust the fitment when I put the new one on ?

Yea, leave the hinges attached to the body.

The easiest way to do it is to take an extra step and remove the front fenders. With them off you can easily access the bolts for the hinges on the door. You can unplug the harness there too.