Crunching gears

every time I change up to 2nd & 3rd gears it crunches.
what is this, please

Synchronizers maybe? Or bad transmission oil?

I wonder how much money it will cost

My gears grind in 2nd and 5th, changed the oil but still crunch.
Time for a gearbox overall I guess.

Try this XADO EX120 BOX Manual Gearbox, transmissions, differentials additive treatment 818887011954 | eBay

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I added this treatment when I did my oil change, it did improve slightly, but will still need the box pulling out to sort it properly.
Thanks for reply and worth a try incase the synchro’s are not too worn.

I’ve just ordered the XADO.
I’ll give it to the transmission this Friday.
cheers Spiros