Coolant change (with flush)

Hi Joe, hope all is well!

This is my second request for a video in the future - sorry for being greedy!

Would it be possible to do a coolant change video and how to flush the system please?

thanks again for all your hard work!

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No problem mate. A lot of people are asking for this so I will have to do it soon.


Hi joe, I was reading in a forum that someone was having coolant disappear with no signs of external leak or burning in the exhaust. If you have experience with potential causes of this could you mention where to check? You did that for the leaking inside the cabin and rusting from worn rubber climate seals. that Video was very useful. I checked my car and some of the drain pipes surely did need to be cleaned out. My car probably would have started rusting if I had not watched that video you did. Thanks so much!

Looking forward to it!