Clear front and side indicators

Hey folks… Do any of you happen to have an extra set of clear front and side indicators that you would be willing to part with for my 1991 GTO

not much money new .there are some on ebay

Hmmm… I tried looking on ebay, but I could not find any there… I must suck at searching :smile: :smile: :smile:

I think used to sell those. They may still have some.

Yes they have some, but for some strange reason are their shipping prices to my location completely out of this world… I even tried contacting them about it 2 times, but got nowhere with it :confused:

$299.95 plus shipping :sweat_smile:

I cannot show you shipping now because it will not give me the option to ship to my postal code atm, but it was several $100 in shipping which was :see_no_evil:

Got mine from amber performance.

They only have clear side indicators on their site atm :confused: